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  • ★ Assist original ★ Nose make tape AS [very good deal] 6 sheets included
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★ Assist original ★ Nose make tape AS [very good deal] 6 sheets included


A cosplay-only tape that clearly shows the width and hole of the nose

・ Nose width and hole size can be reduced!
・ Shadow of nose is reduced!
・ The tape is colorless and transparent, so it won't stand out!
-Depending on how you put it, you can shape your nose!
* An ideal nose can be expressed by any way of pasting, such as pasting position and number.

Material Polyethylene film, acrylic adhesive for skin application, release paper (single side release treatment) white
Color Colorless and transparent
Size Length: 20mm, Width: Max 5.0mm
* Please do not put on any place other than the skin.
* Please peel gently and slowly to avoid damaging your skin.
* If you feel a rash, itching or irritation during use, discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist.
* Do not use this product continuously for more than 24 hours as it may cause a rash.
* Do not use if you have an idiosyncratic constitution or have had allergic symptoms such as a rash with similar products in the past.
* Do not use on infants.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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