Meta Muscle West Spats

JPY 2,100

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About product

Waist & hips & thighs are gathered together and tightened!

Because it is a high-waist type, firmly tightening up to the stomach around it!
Germanium · titanium · silver mixed in fabric.
Tighten firmly while sleeping!

Item detail

Product ID 18424
JAN(EAN) code 4580260561726
Material 90% nylon, 10% polyurethane
Color black
Size Waist: 76 - 84 cm

Special notes

Please stop using it if it does not fit your skin or you feel rash or itching.
Please do not use it when there are scratches · rash · eczema etc.
Put the nail in the fabric part and pull it forcibly. Please note when detaching.
Please repeat moderate detachment when feeling over tightening.
There are differences in personal feeling.
If you feel abnormal during use or after use, please stop using it immediately.
Please do not use it except for its original purpose.