Short Wig

It is a short style heat resistant wig

With a beautiful silhouette, it is easy to arrange with an appropriate amount of hair, A versatile style that can cover the face line firmly.

Natural layer

Bangs: About 28 cm
Side Hair: About 35 cm
Back Hair: About 37 cm

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It ’s Short, But it ’s A Lot Of Hair,
Ideal For making Wigs For Super-Dimensional Characters!

Ultimate Short

Bangs: About 33 cm
Side Hair: About 40 cm
Back Hair: About 33 cm

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A mash style with a natural curl and roundness.

Casual Short

Bangs: About 21 cm
Side Hair: About 23 cm
Back Hair: About 28 cm

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It is a rounded short style.
Great for covering the face line.

Short Bob Kai

Bangs: About 30 cm
Side Hair: About 31 cm
Back Hair: About 31 cm

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Ideal for shaved and shaved characters!
It is also recommended to sew them together.

Shaved Wig

Whole Head: About 2 cm

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