★Long-awaited new colors★9 new colors added to the Premium series!

商品情報 2023/05/22

°˖✧A long-awaited new color added to the Premium series!✧˖°

♦A slightly darker ash blue than navy
twilight blue

♦Purple-tinged pale blue
wisteria moon

A smoky matte and warm gray
charcoal gray

Light gray with a smoky matte feel and warmth
steel gray

♦ Bright pastel blue
soda ribbon

♦ Bright pastel pink
pinky ribbon

♦ Creamy, yellowish, slightly dull, pale gold
natural blonde

♦Pink gold close to light skin color
croon milk

♦A bright yellowish green that is whiter and duller than leaf green
eden green

All 9 colors !!

The long-awaited color of the assist staff is also great...these are 9 colors!

There must be a color that everyone wants ☆

Find your favorite!

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