3rd ☆ 5 colors ``Shutella 1 Day'' added!

Product information 2020/09/09

Familiar with nature ! 2.5-dimensional system
To the Almighty Design Color Contact!

*☆ "Shutella 1Day" ☆*
(Stella One Day)
New color [5 colors] added!

★Light green "Fifth Green" that sways between green and yellow

★Light green "Green Mass" that colors your eyes like a dazzling light shining in the field

★Light green "Tree Opal" that softens the eyes with softness like opal

★Light blue "Aquaria Gate" that brightens the eyes like a goddess of water

★Red "Public Red" that colors your eyes like a shining signal

DIA: 14.5mm / 6 pieces / 1,280 yen (tax excluded)
!!! All 50 colors under development!!!
Please try a color lens that fuses the real and two-dimensional realism with color dot border ☆ *

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