Lace Front Piece Pinpoint Type Yellow Gold NEG-26

JPY 2,860

  • Assist original color

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Current color:Yellow gold (single color)

About product

It is the best part to express the jagged hairline.

A point wig for hairline.
You can express the jagged hairline just by attaching it.
It is a dull gold with a slightly strong yellow tinge.

Product introduction video

Hairline parts How to use pinpoint type

It is a convenient point wig that can express the jagged hairline.

Item detail

Product ID 29855
JAN(EAN) code 4573353710101
Spec 8 sheets per sheet
Material Hair: Fiber (not human hair), Base: PVC
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color Yellow gold (single color)
Size Length: Approximately 52 cm, Width: Maximum approximately 1.5 cm (size for one hair bundle)

Special notes

" Face cover tape " is the best for adhesion to the skin.
If you want to glue the wig body and hairline parts pinpoint type, glue gun or pitouch is recommended.
* It will be easier to paste if you cut the hair of the base wig (where you want to paste it) in one or two steps.

* Since the hair is heat-treated to adhere to the base, there is some dirt.
* Please refrain from using strong adhesive tape when adhering the skin and hairline parts pinpoint type base with tape. When peeling off the tape, there is a possibility that the hair on the ground hair and the hair on the hairline pinpoint parts will come off.
* Since it is manufactured by hand, there are some individual differences.
* The size of the base may differ slightly depending on the manufacturing time. Please note.