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Gradation classical long


Curl long style with rounded so as not to be too loose ♪

Add a gray gradation from the shoulders to create a mode-like style!
The straight style, which tends to be loose, is rounded to create a beautiful and cute look.
The ends of the hair are also easy to organize.

Specification Heat-resistant temperature: up to 160 ° C (optimal processing temperature 105 ° C to 120 ° C)
Material Fiber (not human hair)
Manufacturer Melty CoCo
Color Melty Black Gray
Length Front: Approximately 15 cm, Width: Approximately 66 cm, Rear: Approximately 66 cm * Measured from the tsumuji
Size Free size up to 59 cm
Accessories Wig net (net type / swimming cap type)
* The model wearing photo is wearing a pre-set wig.
* Hair may come off during brushing, but there is no problem with the quality.
* Some styles are puffed to make them look fluffy.
* There may be slight color differences and hair length fluctuations depending on the arrival time.

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Gradation classical long
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