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Time saving scissors Quick


Scissors that are convenient for cutting wigs

[Time saving scissors Quick]
The amount of thin out is the largest among the scissors currently being handled.(Cut rate 40%)
You can reduce the amount of hair by thinting out a wig with a lot of hair in a short time.
Since the amount of hair is reduced firmly, you can reduce the amount of hair more easily than with normal scissors.
Because it uses high-grade stainless steel, it has good sharpness and is ideal for long-term use.
* Since the amount of thin out is large, insert the scissors vertically.
* Be careful when using it on bangs or places with a small amount of hair.

[Types of Assist scissors]

【Spica: Cut rate 30%】
●Standard thin out amount.
Recommended for those who are good at cutting and those who are accustomed to 20%.

【Lark: Cut rate 25%】
● Slightly more than 25% Possum, but the amount of thin out increases,
There is not much difference.

【Possum: Cut rate 20%】
●20% so you can Thin out a small amount.
There are few cut failures. Recommended for beginners.

Specification Number of blades: 18 blades, cutting rate: 40% (compared to our company), right-handed.
Material High-grade stainless steel
Size Overall length: Approximately 16.5 cm
* There may be some dirt or scratches.
  • Return exchange: not allowed

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