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  • ★ Assist original ★ Double eyelid Mesh AS 4 sheets included
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★ Assist original ★ Double eyelid Mesh AS 4 sheets included


Want natural looking double eyelids?

This is a new mesh type sheet that allows you to naturally create a double eyelid effect or widen the width of your eyelids without being noticeable unlike the older style double eyelid tape!

・Anyone can easily get double eyelids!
(Great for single eyelid, hidden double eyelid and double eyelid)
・Mesh that blend with your skin!
(No glare from the tape)

【How to use】
1.Peel the transparent film from the backing, peel off the mesh with tweezers.
2.Apply eye-puchi or glue evenly on the mesh.
3.Dry the application surface and paste it on the part where you want to make a double eyelid.
4.Apply make up on top and it's done!

Material PET substrate (clear / no glue), PET Sepa (blue / slightly adhesive)
Color Natural beige
Size Length: 27mm, Width: 4.0mm
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan
  • 5% reduction target product

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