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Masking ink Drawing gum marker 0.7mm


New masking ink marker type!

Masking ink "marker" type.
0.7mm ultra fine stable white line can be drawn.

Weight / Capacity Applicable length: Approximately 400m (masking ink capacity 5.5ml)
Material Masking ink component: natural latex
[How to use] Shake the marker well before using it, and press the head of the head until ink comes out. Apply to the area you want to maskin and let dry for about 90 seconds.
After drying the maskink ink, apply paint (transparent watercolor, ink, diluted cashew, etc.) from above.
After drying the paint, remove your finger or eraser and remove the masking ink to remove the color.

* Do not use for any other purpose.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • made in Japan

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