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Breast breast base BIG White


In the expression of a big breast like two dimensions

Chest more than "I cup" can be expressed!

◆ When using as an inner, prepare a large bra. Or attach it directly to the inner (tank top etc.).

◆ When using as a breast, create a breast with a cloth close to your skin
(※ cloth is not included with the product)

It can also be used as a shoulder pad.

Specification Vertical: about 19.5 cm, horizontal: about 18.5 cm, height: 9.5 cm (for one cup)
Weight / Capacity Approximately 40 g (for one cup)
Material Urethane
Color white
※ The size of the chest that can be expressed by the body type is different.
※ There may be some dirt, scratches, etc.
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