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Pinpoint wig parts FroGreen NFG-86

Assist wig Premium

It is the best part for mesh and point use

It is a clip type color extension which can be easily attached by one touch!
Point-by-point with one book!
It is cute even if it gorgeous and attached a lot!
Please enjoy fashion with hair!
Simply clip it with a clip in 106 seconds Easy Imechen ♪

Specification With clip
Material Fiber (not human hair)
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color Frog green (single color)
Size Length: about 50 cm
  • Assist original color

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Color variations

Current color:Frog green (single color)

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  • White 600White 600
  • White Silver 60White Silver 60
  • Black 1BBlack 1B
  • Honey milk NMP-49Honey milk NMP-49
  • Yellow Shane NUG-61Yellow Shane NUG-61
  • Gold 613Gold 613
  • Sunshine NPSS-78Sunshine NPSS-78
  • Mocha Brown 33Mocha Brown 33
  • Bitter Brown 4Bitter Brown 4
  • Black Brown 3Black Brown 3
  • Baby Peach NSP-54Baby Peach NSP-54
  • Rose Pink NDR-14Rose Pink NDR-14
  • Red Orange NOR-33Red Orange NOR-33
  • Ginger NMDB-23Ginger NMDB-23
  • Light Pink NPI-6Light Pink NPI-6
  • Romance purple NLP-35Romance purple NLP-35
  • Sweet saffron NSS-42Sweet saffron NSS-42
  • Purple Ash NMDL-16Purple Ash NMDL-16
  • Violet NMV-7Violet NMV-7
  • Ray Blue NRB-31Ray Blue NRB-31
  • Navy NAZ-55Navy NAZ-55
  • Dark Blue NDRB-99Dark Blue NDRB-99
  • FroGreen NFG-86FroGreen NFG-86
  • Light Green NLG-11Light Green NLG-11
  • Viridian NME-22Viridian NME-22
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