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Easy Hang! Easy Hang


Just paste it on the handle of the carry bag!

By attaching it to the handle of a suitcase or carry bag, you can hang small items that become a little obstructive at traveling destinations such as souvenirs, convenience bags, umbrellas and so on. Idea goods of new ideas not ever!
· Carry - Just paste it on the handle of the bag.
- You can store the handle even with it attached.
· It is gentle to the skin because it is made of silicon rubber.
- Soft and length can be adjusted so that it can be attached to various shapes of handles.
· Use DIC's powerful adhesive tape.

Specification 2 pieces
Material Silicon rubber
Color black
Size 45 × 14 × 14 mm
※ Easy hang! Is convenient and useful if you put a little thing, but if you do not do the correct attachment method or baggage exceeding 750 g, you may fall over the carry case, breakage of the baggage, injury .
Usage notes etc. are also listed on the back of the Easy hang! Package so please use it in the correct way.

How to install
1. Even with new items, oil and dirt are attached to the handle portion. Be sure to wipe cleanly with alcohol etc. before installation, please allow to paste completely after drying.
2. Please peel off the release paper on the bottom so as to hold the projection and not touch the adhesive surface.
3. Please carefully read the notes on the back of the package and crimp the product along the face of the handle as you position it.
(※ There are also methods using unevenness or large handles with curved surfaces, if using more powerfully, using rubber bands.)

  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • made in Japan

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