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Witch's Pouch Witch's Fit Stick Shadow nude


Tightly in a moment. A stick shadow that does not stop shining

Shadows of eyes sparkle, long-lasting even in summer has appeared!
[Prevent fly powder characteristic of eye shadow]
It firmly adheres to the eyelids and prevents powder scattering.
Waterproof type strong against sweat and sebum.
【Stick type container】
Pin-point coloring is possible with stick type.
I am concerned about the scattering of powder unique to shadow, it is for those who want to express fine shadow that will cause blurring to disappear with sweat and sebum!

Weight / Capacity 1.5 g
Color nude
Component Cyclopentasiloxane, trimethylsiloxysilicic acid, mica, others
● Please use carefully with your skin not having any abnormality.
If your skin does not fit, please discontinue use.
● Please do not use in wounds, eczema or dermatitis etc.
● During use or after use, if itchy or shave abnormality appears, stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist.
● After use, please be sure to close the lid.
● Please keep it in a place where infants can not reach.
● Avoid storing in places subject to high temperature and humidity, direct sunlight.
  • Return exchange: not allowed

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