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Sunperuca Hard (L-1400) White 450 × 900 × 3 mm


Excellent cushioning performance! It's possible to reproduce beautiful curves with heat! It's a versatile board that can make armor and arm making easily

Excellent cushioning properties, coloring, processing and shaping are also thoughtful!
Sunperuca is a closed cell polyethylene foam crosslinked with a chemical crosslinking agent.

· Easy curved surface expression due to high degree of shape change when heat is applied · Expression of texture of metal and leather etc. by laminating board and stretchy fabric and synthetic leather etc with rubber type adhesive Weapons, armor, armor, accessories and so on can be produced.
· Since the surface is rough, the base is necessary for painting. It is recommended to paint thickly after painting.

【Product price】
450 × 450 × 3 mm 580 yen (excluding tax)
450 × 900 × 3 mm 880 yen (tax excluded)

450 x 450 x 5 mm 680 yen (excluding tax)
450 × 900 × 5 mm 980 yen (excluding tax)

Specification Hard type
Material Polyethylene foam
Color White
Size 450 × 900 × 3 mm
※ There may be some dirt, scratches, etc.
  • Return exchange: not allowed

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