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Compensation run type inner Mocha


Back sprincle refreshing! Bust up! Stomach shape!

It is a correction inner of clean stupid shape with a clear back spirit with a crossed back power up belt and a stomach dual power net.
Stretchy stretch material holds down the tightly and lifts up from the bottom with a power net so it also has a bust-up effect.
It is safe made in Japan.

Material nylon, polyurethane
Manufacturer made in Japan
Color mocha
Size Bust: 93 - 101 cm, Hip: 97 - 105 cm, Waist: 77 - 85 cm
※ This product is not for medical use.
※ Because this product will be a product that directly touches the skin it can not be returned or exchanged.
※In effect there are individual differences.
※ On the material characteristics rich in elasticity, please choose the size as a guide.
※ Because it is a delicate item, please do not lay nails and fingers on the fabric.
※ If you have eczema, rash, scratches, etc., or when you feel abnormal itching, rash, pain etc Please stop using it.
※ The trace of the fabric may remain on the skin. Those who are hard to erase the trace should avoid continuous use for a long time.
※ Because it is an inner compensation effect, please avoid wearing at bedtime or pregnant.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • made in Japan

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