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Dumpling parts Brown Gold 26 Normal size

Limited priceJPY880
Assist wig Premium

A heat-resistant dumpling part that is ideal for processing.

It is a dumpling type part.
Ideal for processing bun hair.
It has a stronger yellow color than Macchiato.

Specification Tsumugi type: * type, puffed type: none, heat resistant temperature: up to 180 ° C (optimum processing temperature 105 ° C to 120 ° C)
Material Fiber (not human hair)
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color Brown gold (single color)
Length Diameter: approx. 9 cm, height: approx. 6 cm

It is a dumpling type part (* Not all wigs). You can use it with wigs of the same color for bun hair, arrangements, etc.
* Please note that only one is included.

[How to use]
① Tie a small amount of hair on the wig where you want to attach the dumpling parts.
(2) Cover the bristled hair with dumpling parts.
③ Insert the inner pin into the wig and squeeze the adjuster until the dumpling parts do not fall.
④ Complete the hair of the dumpling parts ★

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