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Peeled Manicure Lavender


It is a manicure without a remover removable by hand

I like nails, but it is troublesome to drop ... ♪
It is a nice easy-going nail color that you can peel off with your hands without a remover.
Because it is an excellent material that can be applied even from gel nail and manicure, it can be used quickly even when you want to make simple coloring for only one day or for a sudden ceremonial occasion.

Specification If it is difficult to peel off or if you are painting from the top of a gel nail, please remove it with water or lukewarm water before peeling off.
Weight / Capacity 7 ml
Color lavender
※ For broken items, shipping by mail service is not available.
※ Manicure can not be loaded on air mail, it will be land transportation. For that reason, delivery to Okinawa Prefecture · Hokkaido may take 5 days ~ 7 days before delivery so please be forewarned.
  • Return exchange: not allowed

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