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  • ★ Assist Original ★ White foundation cream AS (Yukimaro Cream)
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★ Assist Original ★ White foundation cream AS (Yukimaro Cream)


It is a white foundation that can make beautiful white skin.

● Made in Japan with high quality
● Reliable waterproof type
● Water and sweat resistant waterproof type
● Light fitting comfort like marshmallow
● Familiar with nature with good elongation and can be used in a wide range with a small amount
● Depending on the application amount Adjustable
● Reasonable and easy to use

Specification Cream type (UV protected ingredient formulation)
Weight / Capacity 30 g
Manufacturer Made in Japan · Cosmetics already registered
Color white
Component Water, dimethicone, titanium oxide, boron nitride, cyclopentane siloxane, others
You can use both face and body but please discontinue use when it does not fit your skin.
* It is also possible to use it as a makeup base. White skin can be reproduced better than when only foundation is used.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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