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  • ★ Assist Original ★ NAMIDA GEL AS (Fake tears and sweat!)
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★ Assist Original ★ NAMIDA GEL AS (Fake tears and sweat!)


It is a gel of shape memory type most suitable for expression of tears and sweat

● Almost realistic tears and sweat can be expressed ※ Reproducibility of various tearful scenes and sports scenes is up with goon!
※ All shapes, sizes, lengths are free!
※ Light feeling like water like wearing! There is no worry of stickiness with smooth texture ♪
● Shape memory of ideal droplet shape as it is
● Tube mouth can be fine and delicate expression
● Being gel it can be repeated over and over again without hardening
● No irritation on your skin, moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic
acid formulation so after use it is on the skin It is OK if it is done as it is.

Specification Gel type (Shape memory type)
Weight / Capacity 30 g
Manufacturer Made in Japan · Cosmetics already registered
Color Colorless transparent (clear)
Component Water, BG, hyaluronic acid Na, carbomer, K hydroxide, methyl paraben, propyl paraben
※ Please stop using it when it does not fit your skin.
※ It is not an eye drop. Please do not put in your eyes.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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Product introduction video


It was introduced at Osaka Otaku TV!
It is a way to express sweat and tears using "NAMIDA GEL AS" (NAMIDA GEL AS).

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