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★ Assist Original ★ Q Tip for Removing Makeup AS


It is a convenient make-up remover cotton swab soaked with cleansing liquid

Cleaning liquid soaked Q tip helps removing makeup
- Good to use for removal/modification of your makeup
- Individual packing and best size for your pouch

Specification It is 10 pieces.
Manufacturer Assist wig
Size Size of one cotton swab: length: 7.5 cm, width: 0.5 cm
Component Water, ethanol, PG, ethylparaben, octyldodeceth-20, trehalose, chlorhexidine gluconate, fragrance
※ Please stop using it when it does not fit your skin.
※ Please use immediately after opening the aluminum pack.

【how to use】
◆ Twist off the middle cut portion of the aluminum pack and remove the cotton swab.
◆ Hygienic use with one side wrapped in aluminum pack.
◆ It can be used for makeup removal and correction of fine parts such as eyes and mouth.
  • Return exchange: not allowed
  • Assist wig original item
  • made in Japan

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Product introduction video

I tried using make-up remover cotton swab AS

It is an introduction movie of make-up removal swab AS.
Please see how to use too convenient.

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