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★ 1Day ★ Perfect Series 1Day degree available


Lens specifications

DIA (Contact Lens Diameter) 14.5mm
BC (curvature radius of contact lens inner surface) 8.6mm
Moisture content (percentage of water in contact lenses) 38.5%

* If you have any questions about color contact, please contact us via email form or info@assist-wig.com.

Perfect series 1Day color contact

● Yu packet compatible [Shipping: 280 yen (excluding tax)]
● Free shipping on purchases over 5,000 yen (excluding tax) * Combination with other products is free

Specification Sales name: intervia, approval number: 22900BZX00293000, structure: sandwich structure
Expiration date All day wear (1Day)
1box 4 sheets
* Depending on the shooting environment, the color contact color may vary.
* Depending on the color of your eyes, there are individual differences in the degree of color development.
  • Return exchange: not allowed

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