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★ 1Day ★ DOLCE Perfect Series 1Day JOKER WHITE


Lens specifications

DIA (Contact Lens Diameter) 14.5mm
BC (curvature radius of contact lens inner surface) 8.6mm
Moisture content (percentage of water contained in contact lenses) 38.5%

* If you have any questions about color contact, please contact us via email form or info@assist-wig.com.

Perfect series 1Day color contact

Shipping will be sent by EMS.

Specification Sales name: intervia, approval number: 22900BZX00293000, structure: sandwich structure
Expiration date All day wear (1Day)
1box 4 sheets
* Depending on the shooting environment, the color contact color may vary.
* Depending on the color of your eyes, there are individual differences in the degree of color development.
  • Return exchange: not allowed

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