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Tripod black


It is a convenient item useful for shooting

The load capacity is 1.5 kg.
Storage height 38 cm, weight 570 g and lightweight · Compact is the biggest feature. It is possible to store it completely in your bag.
Equipped with a level at the center of the leg.
With one-touch lock lever, expansion and contraction in 4 stages can be done quickly and easily. The elevator section adopts a double locking mechanism with a screw and a center pipe. It can be fixed securely while being lightweight.
The height when extending the tripod leg is 100 cm. If you extend the center pipe further up to 120 cm can be used.
With the quick shoe mechanism, you can quickly install and remove cameras and video cameras.
Shooting in the vertical position is also possible.

Specification Number of steps: 4 steps, leg lock type: lever type, collision: rubber stone collision, quick shoe, level
Weight / Capacity 570 g
Material Aluminum
Color black
Size Elongation: 120 cm, contraction: 39 cm
Accessories Private case
※ There may be some dirt, scratches, etc.
  • Return exchange: not allowed

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