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Pure medium Light Brown 24

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Assist wig Basic

A heat resistant medium wig that can be worn without cutting.

Moderate length to be covered as it is without cutting bangs!
Moderate amount of hair light and hard to entangle! Features a natural form!

Specification Tsutsuji type: 1" round skin top Heat Resistant Temperature Up to 356°F (180℃). 221°F~248°F(105℃~120℃) Recommended
Material Fiber (not human hair)
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color LBROWN-24
Length Before: about 20.5 cm, side: about 47 cm, after: about 49 cm ※ Measured from the toothpick
Size Free size up to 59 cm
Accessories ※ wig net is not included. If you do not have it, please purchase it.
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Basic color sample book No.1 to 3 (3 books of all 501 colors) on sale now!

About AssistWig Basic

Basic Wig manufactures wigs at multiple plants to achieve 501 colors. Please note that there are some differences in the length and amount of light depending on the color.

This item is Tsumuji ※ has become a type.

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AssistWig Basic This is a photo of Wearing a Pure Medium Light Brown system.
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