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Kurukuru short Purple Ash NMDL-16

Limited priceJPY1,980
Assist wig Premium

Standard accessories

When you purchase full wig with similar color color net, we will attach a wig net of the same color network & swimming cap type without exception.

Heat resistant short curl wig.

It is a short curl style with a solid curl.
It is more reddish purple than Fuji.

Specification Tsutsuji type: I type, puffing: none, heat resistant temperature: up to 180 ° C (optimum working temperature 105 ° C to 120 ° C)
Material Fiber (not human hair.)
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color Purple ash (single color)
Length Front: about 22 cm, width: about 33 cm, back: about 37 cm * Measured from the tail end
Size Free size up to 59 cm

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Color variations

Current color:Purple ash (single color)

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