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40 cm Vance Milky Gold 369

Assist wig Premium

Heat resistant 40 cm Vance.

It is a short point wig of clip type.
You can reproduce ponytails and twin tails.
It is a color mixture close to milk tea gold.

Specification Heat resistant temperature: up to 180 ° C (optimum working temperature 105 ° C to 120 ° C)
Material Fiber (not human hair.)
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color Milky gold (mixed color)
Length About 40 cm

It is a hair piece (not all wigs). Together with wigs of the same color, it can be used for ponytails and twin tails.

※ Please note that only one is included.

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Color variations

Current color:Milky gold (mixed color)

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  • Peace Island Yellow NPIY-77Peace Island Yellow NPIY-77
  • Milky Gold 369Milky Gold 369
  • Nudy NOB-81Nudy NOB-81
  • Macchiato NCHA-59Macchiato NCHA-59
  • Olive Brown NASY-58Olive Brown NASY-58
  • Beige NBE-91Beige NBE-91
  • Orange Peko NCR-62Orange Peko NCR-62
  • Carrot Orange NCO-109Carrot Orange NCO-109
  • Black Blood NBB-126Black Blood NBB-126
  • Red plum NRP-102Red plum NRP-102
  • Amethyst NPPA-9Amethyst NPPA-9
  • Smoky Pink NCS-51Smoky Pink NCS-51
  • Bellflower NBF-40Bellflower NBF-40
  • Azuki chocolate NHC-41Azuki chocolate NHC-41
  • Double Grape NVG-85Double Grape NVG-85
  • Vivid Purple NBP-118Vivid Purple NBP-118
  • Purple Ash NMDL-16Purple Ash NMDL-16
  • Fuji NHR-57Fuji NHR-57
  • Lavender NLV-131Lavender NLV-131
  • Aquamarine NUUA-1Aquamarine NUUA-1
  • Bluegrass NBLG-143Bluegrass NBLG-143
  • Ray Blue NRB-31Ray Blue NRB-31
  • Sachs Blue NADP-18Sachs Blue NADP-18
  • Ash Blue NABL-146Ash Blue NABL-146
  • Tourmaline NTM-50Tourmaline NTM-50
  • East Blue NSB-73East Blue NSB-73
  • Aquarius NAQ-87Aquarius NAQ-87
  • Romance Blue NBL-76Romance Blue NBL-76
  • Oriental Blue NAPCB-19Oriental Blue NAPCB-19
  • Arabian Blue NAL-104Arabian Blue NAL-104
  • Premium Blue NBM-75Premium Blue NBM-75
  • Navy NAZ-55Navy NAZ-55
  • Mist Blue NRB-72Mist Blue NRB-72
  • Sweet melon NWM-48Sweet melon NWM-48
  • Sweet mint NSM-45Sweet mint NSM-45
  • Pastel Green NGUS-63Pastel Green NGUS-63
  • Marine Blue NMBL-129Marine Blue NMBL-129
  • Cyber Green NMD-83Cyber Green NMD-83
  • Sea Green NSGR-130Sea Green NSGR-130
  • Marine Forest NMR F-100Marine Forest NMR F-100
  • Moss Green NMG-101Moss Green NMG-101
  • Ivy Green NGDO-17Ivy Green NGDO-17
  • Reef Green NRG-39Reef Green NRG-39
  • Peppermint NPPM-90Peppermint NPPM-90
  • Romance Green NLM-32Romance Green NLM-32
  • Light Green NLG-11Light Green NLG-11
  • Green grass NGRG-128Green grass NGRG-128
  • Dark Green NMIGG-12Dark Green NMIGG-12
  • Viridian NME-22Viridian NME-22
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