Assistwig Basic + brand new brand !!

Assist Wig Basic Plus was born!

Finally commercialized based on voices received from many customers! !

Longer bangs with the basic wig's ease of use as it is, the arrangement style of the short style has expanded!

Model wear photo

What is Basic + (Basic Plus)?

Easy hair volume of Basic wig Let it be, Various short style style characters I have lengthened my forelock to accommodate it It is a short wig.

Where is the difference between Basic and Basic +?

Interesting new brand Basic Plus introduction Regular short

  • Tsutsuji type: ※
  • Puffing: Yes
  • Heat resistant temperature: up to 180 °C (optimum working temperature 105 °C ~ 120 °C)
  • Length: front: about 27 cm, width: 28 cm, after: 35 cm * Measured from the tail end
  • Material: Fiber (not human hair)
  • Head size: Free size up to 59 cm

Assist Wig Basic Plus adopts color cap 17 colors!

What is color cap? The effect of color cap Example of adoption of color cap
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