SALE for a limited time! Represent the eyes of a 2D character as it is Twin Loop 1Day!

アシストシュシュカラコン ツインループ・ワンデー
"Assist ChouChou"is an original Colored Contact Lenses brand of any "Assist Wig" cosplay equipment handling.

Assist ChouChou Twin Loop One Day Series

Three major points of Colored Contact Lenses

Twin Loopのポイント1

Extensive studies on eyes of 2D characters! Two wheels (Twin Loop) expresses the eyes of a 2D character!

At last we realized a design that can reproduce every pupil from crisp eyes to a nervous eyes!

Two-dimensional character Shadow and pattern in the peculiar eyes!

The inner gentle loop (pattern) that I had never had before
will produce a pupil like a two-dimensional character.


Twin Loopのポイント2

Vivid coloring is
realized with 3 tone color!

By adopting 3 tone color
realizes vivid coloring
that shines in cosplay (at the time of shooting)!

Original coloring
which is easy to use
sticking to the maximum to color was born.

Color: In case of Disco Green

Twin Loopのポイント3

Cosplay industry first!Clean and secure I developed a 1Day Colored Contact Lenses outstanding to wear!

It's 1Day (disposable)
so it's always clean and safe.
It is a strong friend of Cosplayer
who is worried about hygiene of color contact!
Also, like 1 Month
after all it was a waste not to waste · · ·
such troubles are solved as well!
Solve such troubles! Because it uses only as much as you want when you want to use
is also gentle on your wallet!

Chou Chou's charm


Because it is a one-day (disposable), cleanliness and safety.


I just want to use it when I want to use 6 boxes of 6 pieces! So it is also gentle on your wallet!

It is a safe and secure Colored Contact Lenses

Only selling Colored Contact Lenses approved
by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

In Japan, Colored Contact Lenses are designated as advanced medical management equipment by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Assist ChouChou sells only Colored Contact Lenses that have been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.


Twin Loop 1Day Color lineup

ツインループワンデー ロックブルー
Lock Blue
ツインループワンデー サンバターコイズ
Samba Turquoise
ツインループワンデー デジタルブルー
Digital Blue
ツインループワンデー パンクグレー
Punk Gray
ツインループワンデー ポップイエロー
Pop Yellow
ツインループワンデー タンゴオレンジ
Tango Orange
ツインループワンデー クラシックブラウン
Classic Brown
ツインループワンデー ビートヘーゼル
Beat Hazel
ツインループワンデー テクノグリーン
Techno Green
ツインループワンデー オペラレッド
Opera Red
ツインループワンデー ジャズパープル
Jazz Purple
ツインループワンデー サルサピンク
Salsa Pink
ツインループワンデー ディスコグリーン
Disco Green