Let's cosplay with Assist Cosplay Shop from JAPAN!


We're running stores in Japan, where you can try fitting of our wigs. Our stores are named "Assist Wig". When you have a chance to travel to Japan, please make sure to stop by at any of our stores. All of our staff look forward to meeting with you.

Assist Wig, Osaka Store

Assist Wig Osaka Store is located in Nihonbashi, Osaka, which is called another Akihabara in the Kansai region. The 1st floor offers shopping space for our products.
The 2nd floor accommodates a cutting space where you can enjoy cutting and setting your own wigs.

The Osaka store is now offering wig processing and bangs cutting services. Both services are offered only by this Osaka Store and well received by our customers.
With wide varieties of products, just like at Akihabara Store, our staff awaits your visits.


10 minutes walk from the Subway Nanba Station and Nanba Station on Nankai Line Located on the left side of Melon Book Store and across the street from PC Workshop along "Otaku Road" (a nick name for the road where a number of shops stand to meet interests of young enthusiastic shoppers in different styles).


Harada Bldg., 1-4, 1-chome, Nihonbashi-Nishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Pref., Japan
TEL / FAX:81-(0)6-7493-6830
Store Hours:11:30~19:45
Open throughout the year except on January 1st