Let's cosplay with Assist Cosplay Shop from JAPAN!


We're running stores in Japan, where you can try fitting of our wigs. Our stores are named "Assist Wig". When you have a chance to travel to Japan, please make sure to stop by at any of our stores. All of our staff look forward to meeting with you.

Assist Wig, Akihabara Store (Tokyo)

Assist Wig in Akihabara, Tokyo, is the only Cosplay-specialized shop in Akihabara which is well known as the place of origin for animation culture. Not only Japanese but also customers from overseas come and visit us at the Akihabra Store, and they're all welcomed by our friendly staff who has abundant knowledge in Cosplay. Please do not worry even if you do not speak in Japanese.

The Assist Wig Akihabara Store handles wigs, shoes and accessories in a wide range of styles and colors just like Assist Wig Online Shopping.
You can pick up each product in your hands and fit it on.
This store offers its own unique service to the customers, such as accepting your unneeded wigs and partial hair cutting service on weekdays.
Please feel free to talk to our staff if you have any question or concern.


4F Chichibu-Denki Bldg,12-15, 3-chome, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL / FAX:81-(0)3-6886-8599
Store Hours:12:30~21:00
Open throughout the year except on January 1st