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About Payments

1. Payment Method

Please make payment with your credit card.
After your order is finally confirmed, you need to proceed with your payment on a separate page.
Please ensure that you move to the Payment page through the link specified on our website and proceed with your payment.
Your ordered product will be shipped on the day or on the following day "after we confirm receipt of your payment".
The page, where you enter your credit card information, conforms to SSL security.

The following credit cards can be used for your payment:

cedit cartds

You can make payment by installments or revolving payment, however, we may not be able to meet your wish depending upon the status of your credit card usage. We ask for your understanding in advance. *Please be aware that you will not be able to make payment by installments or revolving payment when your total payment amount is less than 10,000 Japanese Yen. (10,000 Japanese Yen is equal to xx US Dollars or xx Euros, based on the exchange rate as of xxxxxx (January 30th, 2012).


2. Deadline for Making Payment

We ask our customers to make payments within 14 days after they place orders. If we are not able to confirm receipt of the payments within 14 days, the orders will be cancelled.


3. Extra Cost in Addition to Product Cost

Delivery fee, Customs Duties (Duties may not be always charged), and other incidental expenses (depending upon a country where a customer resides).


4. Refund

Refund details are explained on the "Returning/Exchanging Product" page.
We ask our customers to read the details on "Returning/Exchanging Product" and confirm their understanding.