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Vance wig clips wig cover black

Product Number 015907
category Products for Wigs
color black
Product Specifications 2 pieces set
  • New Products
  • Assist Cosplay Shop's Original Products
  • Made in Japan
  • No return. No exchange
Price: ¥980
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Vance wig clips wig cover black
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Q. What exactly does the Vance wig cover do? 

A. This cover prevents long wigs from tangling during stage performance or dancing. The cover slips over the long parts of the wig, and is also ideal for windy days. In addition, the Vance cover can also be used as a wig storage bag. We have selected a fine material called organza, which the human eye can already see. This material also is barely seen in photographs!

Even moving violently, hair is not tangled!