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Assist Original face shape cover glue

Product Number 013305
category Cosplay Cosmetics
color clear
Heel Height 20mL
Product Specifications Water, copolymer, ethanol and glycerol BG, PVP, methylparaben, propylparaben
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Price: ¥1,000
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Assist Original face shape cover glue
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Q. What exactly do you mean by 'Face Shape Cover Glue'?

A. This is a product made for cosplayers who want to change their original face shape into a more animated face shape. The Cosplayer achieves this by using the glue on the wig hair.  The Cosplayer then is able to mimic an animated characters face shape by carefully positioning and placing the wig hair on their face. Therefore, this technique allows the Cosplayer to make their face appear skinnier as well as the illusion of another face shape. The glue can also be made to glue your costume to your body, hiding skin you wish not to be exposed.


●This product is made with a skin-friendly material and can be used on your face or anywhere on your body! 

※This product is made with an organic skin make-up material, free from iritation.

●Product dries clear and is uncoloured. 

●Product dries quickly after application.

●The glue can easily be removed by any make up remover product. 

●You can use this product after you have applied your foundation and other makeup!

●The packaging of the product is small and able to toss easily into your supply bag.  (Roughly 7cm tall bottle)

●The glue is a roll-on type, very user friendly. 

Video is here!