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Assist Original Fake Blood

Product Number 012966
category Cosplay Cosmetics
color Deep Red
Heel Height 60ml
Product Specifications Water、PVP、Glycerin、Other
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  • Made in Japan
  • No return. No exchange
Price: ¥1,500
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Assist Original Fake Blood
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Easy and effortless, you no longer struggle to clean your face!

If it stains a costume, no worry, you can launder an outfit just as you do regularly.
*Since we have not yet tested all kinds of fabrics, we do not guarantee that all materials are able to wash out perfectly. Please be careful.

Please wash clothing as soon as possible if stained.

Not only how easy to clean and quality, we also strain on its color.

●Please stop from using the product if it doesn't fit you or any symptoms affect your skin.
●If you use it continuously, the condition of your skin goes bad and it might worsen the symptoms.
●Please do not put it in your mouth.
●Do not apply it to anywhere you have a cut, a wound, a swelling, eczema, or any symptoms.
●Wash off immediately with water in case of it getting in eyes.
●Do not keep in excessive high or low temperature, and under the direct rays of the sun.
●Please keep it away from babies and infants.

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