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About Assist Cosplay Shop

Assist Cosplay Shop sells wigs, shoes and accessories for Cosplay (Costume Play).

Our wigs come in a wide variety of over 20 different styles in more than 100 different colors. With light and smooth hair in a solid volume, we're sure you'll find yourself like your favorite animation character.

Our shoes are developed for Cosplayers. At present, we have a variety of shoes in relatively smaller sizes. We're planning to increase the variety for larger sizes and for those who're taller.

As for the accessories, we've prepared various items in a Japanese-style that are very useful for Japanese-style Cosplay. We also handle many items that can be used for your wig care, including several pairs of scissors which are most useful when you adjust your wig hair and a spray to prevent your wig hair from tangling.


We're running stores in Japan, where you can try fitting of our wigs. Our stores are named "Assist Wig". When you have a chance to travel to Japan, please make sure to stop by at any of our stores. All of our staff look forward to meeting with you.

Akihabara Store (Tokyo)
Not only Japanese but also customers from overseas come and visit us at the Akihabra Store, and they're all welcomed by our friendly staff who has abundant knowledge in Cosplay.
Please do not worry even if you do not speak in Japanese.
We ask our Users to read the details in the "Akihabara Store Information".

Ikebukuro Store (Tokyo)
Assist Wig finally came out in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, which is known as a Mecca for female "Otaku" (persons who have enthusiastic interest in special items).The shop looks forward to your visits with a wide range of products that fit Cosplay best, including wigs, shoes and accessories in abundant styles and color variations.
We ask our Users to read the details in the "Ikebukuro Store Information".

Osaka Store
Assist Wig Osaka Store is located in Nihonbashi, Osaka, which is called another Akihabara in the Kansai region. The 1st floor offers shopping space for our products. The 2nd floor accommodates a cutting space where you can enjoy cutting and setting your own wigs.
We ask our Users to read the details in the "Osaka Store Information".